Monday, March 1, 2010


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click here buy at Sl Marketplace L$5000 special offer 50% off....L$2500.

(full furnished and deco-127 land Impact)
watch video here:-

FEATURES    [ use Auto rez-Faux ]

-2 floor:-

-25 Meters tall

-35x35m  Base (good to fit at 4096 sq. meter land)

-127 Prims(SKY II Ship Structure+ Furnished)

-2nos Teleport


Free Item:-

-Lighting console and fog machine
  all lighting and fog control with this console.
-Full set bar counter and Bartender animation pose-click table to start bartender animation.]
-Beer given free with drink animation pose[C/M/T]
-Full set sofa ,table,plant and bar stool [with 15 sitting pose ]
-Flashing and sparkling dance ball with 35 animation poses
-Full set DJ gear:-

                           a.DJ counter with colour LED light
                           b.CD music deck and CD mixer[menu-driven...15 radio station]
                              [can add more  station  in notecard  and get the URL here:-
                           c.2 nos CD player
                           d.DJ table with DJ animation pose[click table to start DJ animation pose]
                           e pairs hanging animated speaker

-Comes fully copyable and Modify able for  SKY II structure
-Except some free items is not copy and modify
-New and  Modern Architecture
-No refunds on Copyable Items.

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